Kibo Ventures prepares new €60 to €80M fund to lead Series A investments in Spanish startups

Novobrief kibo ventures fundKibo Ventures is about to launch a new €60 to €80M fund in order to make a difference at the Series A and B stage. The fund will be almost double the size of the first one (€80 million vs. €45 million), allowing the firm to lead or co-lead investments in the €2 to €5 million range.

To know more about the firm’s intentions, the differences between the new and old fund and LPs’ appetite for technology companies, Novebrief sat down with Aquilino Peña for a short interview.

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“Expansión” the spanish economy newspaper, interviewed Kibo to talk about the great growth of the startups investment in Spain 2015 and the new fund Kibo Ventures has created.

Kibo Ventures Expansion

Approaching the end of the year, Expansion, the economy newspaper just published an article about the records that 2015 has broken in Spain in terms of investment in startups. Interviewing several key players in the startup investment scene in Spain, the article describes the milestones in 2015. ‘Ecommerce’ and ‘FinTech’ are shown to be the most attractive sectors of business in Spain, whereas in 2016 Big Data is expected to be the area with biggest growth potential.

In addition, Javier Torremocha and Aquilino Peña (founders of Kibo Ventures) explain the gap startups find on the expansion or internationalization phase. For Kibo, this problem is tackled by the creation of a new investment vehicle with about 80 million euros, which intends to finance roughly twenty companies by leading rounds between two and five million euros.

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Kibo Ventures selected as one of the managers that will receive last round investment of Fond -ICO (November 2015)

FOND-ICO Global, the Spanish fund of funds associated to ICO (Instituto de Crédito Oficial) and managed by the also public firm AXIS, has announced that it will be extending an additional €300 million to Spanish venture capital firms in its effort to promote the local investment industry by adding more fuel to the fire. Kibo is one of the selected firms.

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