Kibo Ventures prepares new €60 to €80M fund to lead Series A investments in Spanish startups

Novobrief kibo ventures fundKibo Ventures is about to launch a new €60 to €80M fund in order to make a difference at the Series A and B stage. The fund will be almost double the size of the first one (€80 million vs. €45 million), allowing the firm to lead or co-lead investments in the €2 to €5 million range.

To know more about the firm’s intentions, the differences between the new and old fund and LPs’ appetite for technology companies, Novebrief sat down with Aquilino Peña for a short interview.

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An infographic that analyzes the Spanish investor ecosystem.

Startupxplore , the online community for entrepreneurs and investors in Spain, recently published an infographic that can serve as a guide to for young founders to determine the main sources of funding depending on the phase in which their startup is in. Kibo Ventures appears as one of the main sources of investment in Series A growing phase in this graphic.

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