Q1 2013 investments

Hello everyone,

We are announcing today our Q1 investments. This is the easy part of our business, the hard one is exiting with a return for our investors. Nevertheless we are very happy to announce our new Kibo companies. The founders are extremmelly committed and we are happy to invest with some of our preferred coinvestors: Luis and José Cabiedes, Vitamina K and BDMI.

We always get asked about the reason why we invest in companies. It is a mix of business model, team and deal structure. This is a short summary for each one:

Ludei: Very innovative technology in a huge market full of opportunities: mobile games and apps. Ludei is in the middle of all movements arounds html5, the war against the power of app stores and growing complexity of game development. Eneko and the team will grab many of the opportunities due to the beauty and simplicity of its solution. We rated Eneko as “5 star” serial entrepreneur

Mimub: Great team led by Alfonso and Rafa. The company focuses on the furniture industry, a large market that has barely been digitalized in Spain. The product selection is outstanding and the client experience remarkable. On top of that we avoid going to IKEA on weekends!

NonaBox: Subscription model that has found its “go to market” strategy to scale its business internationally. After launching in Spain, Italy and Germany, we feel that the UK is too good of an opportunity to be missed. We like the attractiveness of its target market (women with babys up to two years old) and the economics of the company. Izanami and the team´s ability to execute are also key parts of the analysis.

Promociones Farma: Very innovative and scalable concept. The partnership with Cofares allows free of charge delivery to the pharmacy of choice. The model has advantages for the consumer, the brands we work with and the pharmacies which creates barriers to entry and solid growth. We have known the project through Adriá and David since the beginning, and that always helps!.

The Kibo Ventures team


Comunicación de nuevas Inversiones Kibo Ventures Q1 2013